Welcome to EGGLIEN!

This platformer and shmup combo will keep you on your feet through 8 levels adventuring through different planets our mother will find herself in, with features like keyboard remapping playing comfortably has never been easier.  With simple 3 button controls it makes the combat simple enough to grasp but hard to master. 

8 Emeralds have been scattered on the planets, see if you can collect them all for an extra challenge!


Game (Mostly) made by yours truly.

Thanks to friend IanTheBee for testing. 

Font by SomePX

BG planets by Helianthus games (I ran out of time sorry!)

Menu template provided by friend Jayextee (Jay x trent)


Youtube: (3) Spacespy - YouTube (Devlog soon!) 

Twitter: (1) Spacespy // Working on Clocked Out! (@spacespy_tv) / Twitter

Boop. Thanks for playing.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withConstruct
TagsAction-Adventure, planets, Space


Pixel_Jam_2022 (5).zip 110 MB

Install instructions

Here's the Desktop build in case you wanted this on there. You get the perk of being able to actually use the "Exit" button to well, actually close the darn thing.


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Game is awesome! I absolutely love the art and sound effects. Lots of good juice in the game too.

Thanks man!

The graphics. The design. The music. The difficulty. Everything is just...amazing. This is one of the best things I've seen on this jam. I'm kind of blown away by how good it is.

This is a really really cool game! I don't play a lot of platformers, so I struggled quite a bit and sadly couldn't make it through all the levels. I really got into it, though. :D The enemies are very easily readable, so it never felt unfair, it was clearly just my lack of skill.

The controls are really good, jumping with the 'egg-gun' is really satisfying. I feel like you really utilized the mechanic well, with all the level design and enemies feeding into it. I thought it was really clever how the knockback is both incredibly useful but also a big disadvantage, depending on the situation.

Over all, the game is really polished and feels like a finished product. I love the limited color palette and the RGB/glitch effect, it gives the game a really cool look. Fits with the sci-fi alien theme. The music, sound and effects really contribute to the overall vibe, too. (I also liked the pun in the title.)

Really impressive work! I'll surely play it again and try to beat all the levels this time. :)